We are creating one of the largest, most technologically-advanced indoor vertical farming facilities in the United States. With state-of-the-art LED lighting technology and precise hydroponic growing methods, our expert team provides our customers with a wide array of fresh produce, microgreens, and non-traditional crops 365 days a year. Everything we grow is non-GMO and free from pesticides and herbicides. Our agricultural system also recycles 100% of unused water and nutrient consumption significantly reducing environmental impacts.

oasis biotech
oasis biotech
oasis biotech


Our 215,000-square-foot indoor vertical farm facility is the only of its kind in Las Vegas, NV. In a city famous for amazing restaurants, world-class chefs, and discerning locals who demand the best in fresh, healthy food, we grow a wide selection of delicious lettuces, microgreens, herbs and more.


Making positive changes in farming and food is our goal. We are dedicated to providing our customers with local, fresh, natural, and high-quality leafy green produce and non-traditional crops year-round. As the world demands healthier, more environmentally conscious dining options, our vertically farmed produce is a solution that marries technology with nature.

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Interested in our growing systems and technology, including innovative LED lighting? Looking to start your own vertical farm? Connect and collaborate with one of our Sananbio technology specialists today!

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